once upon a time…

…in New York City, there was a new restaurant in the works, with a random outsider anointed to document the entire process from conception to birth.

Okay, enough talking in the third person.  Who am I and what am I doing?  And what the heck is Danji?

Let’s start with the “who” part: I am an outsider with no emotional, financial, or legal ties to Danji.  I am also not a food or restaurant critic, though I would love to walk in the shoes of an Iron Chef judge for a day.  I am a native New Yorker, but one that has been displaced long enough to be intrigued by new restaurants opening in the year 2010.  My palate is still young as to not be jaded by the “reinvention” that Danji proposes, but is also Korean by blood that can discern bad “hanshik” (Korean cuisine) from a mile away.

What I’ll be doing: Exactly what the description suggests.  I’m fulfilling my not-so-secret dream of putting photography, pseudo-journalism, and food in the same sentence.  I also have more free time than most to harass the people of Danji, demand updates on the restaurant, and document what’s going on.  What I won’t be doing is working for Danji in any shape or manner.  This is a personal weblog, so the opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of the restaurant.

And last, but not least, what is Danji?

According to the first introduction I received from Team Danji:

DANJI will be a 33 seat restaurant/bar serving modern and traditional Korean cuisine in a small plates concept similar to a Japanese izakaya or Spanish tapas bar.  The chef/owner, Hooni Kim has trained at Daniel and Masa, 2 of only 5 restaurants in NYC with 3 Michelin stars and 4 NY Times stars. The interior design will be by Jun Aizaki, the principal at Crème Design well known for their work at Forge, Kogashima, and all of Iron Chef Jose Garces’ restaurants.  The front of the house will be run by Andrew Finver who gained experience at Citronelle in Washington DC.


5 Comments to “once upon a time…”

  1. Great picture, can’t wait till the opening! What does Danji mean and what can we expect to find on the menu? Looking forward to seeing some great food porn.

  2. Looking forward to the opening! Fyi for the blogger, Hooni can make wickedly good ramen

  3. Exciting stuff, Hooni! If the wonderful evening you put together for my wife’s birthday last year is any indication, I am sure your restaurant will be a smashing success. I wish you the best of luck in your new business.

  4. Hey Hooni, this is very exciting, thanks for sending the link. Ross and I are really looking forward to visiting the new place. Let us know if you need guinea pigs for a soft opening, and good luck with all the craziness of opening a new restaurant in NYC! Hi to Catharine and Sean….

  5. Hey oppa! So excited for you! I love the concept and the name of the restaurant. Can’t wait to come and visit the next time I’m in New York!

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