…and the ball starts rolling

Two milestones were reached in the past week, granting the restaurant the green light to proceed with development. Pretty major milestones, if you ask me:

(1) SBA loan granted.  Normally, this government-backed loan is unheard of for a new restaurant in NYC, simply because of the high failure rate of restaurants.  The U.S. Small Business Administration promises low interest and lax rules regarding a guarantor, thus making its loan very, very difficult to obtain.  The loan process consisted of a lot of paperwork, delays, and tears (okay, that is an exaggeration), but needless to say, Danji’s loan was finally approved.*

(2) Design finalized.  Team Danji met with the people of crème design on a weekly basis during the past month to discuss every aspect of the restaurant.  From floor plans to fabric colors, the team pored over crème design’s suggestions and decided on a plan to replace everything currently in the space.

What’s next? The contractors will be given the design plans and the demolition of the entire place should be completed within the next two weeks.  And that liquor license is still in the works…

* However, I’m sure another delay would have produced some kind of yelling match (à la Jerry Maguire) between the owner and the bank.


2 Comments to “…and the ball starts rolling”

  1. why do i look so fat?

  2. The photos of the lotus paintings brought me straight back to Jogyesa Temple in South Korea. Could you, as the blog writer, explain a little bit about who you are? You explained why you are writing the blog, but I was wondering why this blog is anonymous when you take such beautiful photos.

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