first informal tasting

At an undisclosed location on Central Park West, chef/owner Hooni unofficially hosted his first informal tasting to test out a few of the dishes and flavors he has in mind for Danji.  The intimate party of eight, mainly friends, enjoyed a spirited evening of food and wine.

Per Danji’s request, I will not go into too much detail about the food itself, but will say that the progression of 6-8 savory courses presented very genuine Korean flavors.  That should be translated as: spicy dishes were not toned down, causing this blogger to embarrassingly sip water after each bite.

I will leave it at that and let the few pictures I’m choosing to leak speak for themselves.

Team Danji is also starting to spread the word about the restaurant, taking its first step by making Danji’s official facebook page.  That seems to be the trend these days, restaurants putting up facebook sites before their official launch for the purpose of grassroots marketing.


A few readers have raised questions for and about this humble blogger, the most frequently asked question being why I am writing anonymously.

As much as I am aware that you would probably feel a stronger connection to this blog if you knew more about me, I want to maintain my position as an outsider not involved in the restaurant’s decision-making process.  Talking about myself will only detract from the primary goal of this blog: documenting Danji’s growth.


One Comment to “first informal tasting”

  1. the raw korean style beef and teh miso glaze lamb chops were SLAMMIN!

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