Speaking of the liquor license — which is still in the works – I recently received a few complimentary bottles of HWAYO, the Korean soju that Danji will be offering to its patrons. Soju (소주) is a clear, distilled alcoholic beverage traditionally made from rice. (Source).

According to its packaging,

HWAYO is a soju of a pure, deep taste, made from the finest Korean rice by the master distillers of traditional pottery manufacturer, Kwangjuyo. HWAYO is produced using a distillation process handed down for over 700 years, from the finest rice and groundwater drawn from 150-meter deep bedrock aquifers. Extracted drop by drop through a low-temperature decompression distillation process, HWAYO is then matured underground in breathing earthenware pots, giving birth to a flavor unique in its depth and smoothness.

If approved, Danji will be the first commercial restaurant to serve HWAYO outside of South Korea, importing it directly from the company. The packaging is pretty too, which is rare of the soju bottles traditionally found in Korean bars of New York.


Sorry for the lack of updates as of late. I’m traveling in Korea (first time in eight years). Be back next week!


One Comment to “hwayo”

  1. この価格を教えて下さい!お願いします!!

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