“patience is a virtue” — or so they say

Progress updates: things are moving slowly.  A little too slowly for me, but apparently there are always delays in this game.  I thought the interior would be demolished by the time I returned from Korea, but there have been interruptions pushing that schedule back yet another few days.  By the next post, I should be able to take pictures of half-naked men tearing the place apart for you all.  There are also no updates regarding the liquor license application… yet.

I could sense the team’s frustration for having had to deal with various snafus during the process in the past few weeks, but they have definitely been forced to learn the art of patience.  To throw me a bone, the good people at Danji gave me a rendering of what the restaurant could look like when it opens this fall.


In other news, there have been several articles highlighting Korean (and Korean-style) food recently:

– The Wall Street Journal talks about how “Seoul Becomes a Foodie Destination” through chefs who trained overseas and returned to open restaurants in Korea, upscale/reinvented Korean cuisine (such as risotto with a dwenjang paste base), and star allure.

– The NYT explores Korean-style tacos becoming the latest trend nationwide in the United States, especially in the food truck business.

– Last, but not least, South Korean media capture rapper Kanye West and his entourage dining at a local Korean restaurant near Naksan Beach, where he performed at an annual summer beach concert last week (Source)


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