the cocoon stage

You know when a caterpillar goes through a really ugly stage before turning into a butterfly?  I would like to compare Danji’s transformation to just that.  Here is proof:

Yes, construction is still underway.


I attended a Korean-American conference in DC last weekend and was very interested in seeing (and tasting) the food featured at the gala.  Headed by two of several prominent Korean-American chefs in the nation (Akira Back and Edward Lee), the multi-course dinner included modern interpretations of traditional Korean cuisine.  Bossam wraps, tuna pizza, Korean short ribs, blah blah blah.  Been there, tasted that.

What really intrigued me, however, was the innovative and aha!-inducing dessert finale.  Titled in the menu as “flavors of soo jung gwa” (traditional Korean drink with dried persimmon, ginger, cinnamon, pine nuts), it was a decadent dish of cinnamon-pine nut financier, candied ginger-chili sauce, persimmon pudding and honey ice cream.  I asked for an encore.


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