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October 20, 2010

a crisis like no other

If you haven’t heard, there is a huge crisis in South Korea right now.  It is not a threat of provocation from the DPRK, nor is it another story of political/corporate corruption.  There’s a shortage in kimchi!  A national source of pride, cabbage is dwindling in supply and causing alarmed reactions from Korean mothers and grandmothers everywhere.  I loved the New York Times’ description of the process of producing homemade kimchi:

Mrs. Roh has two daughters, both in their 30s, and she said they learned to make kimchi “by looking over my shoulder, by tasting and doing, like all Korean girls are supposed to.

Really, Mrs. Roh?  I have no idea how to make the spicy and fermented cabbage dish, but I’m just happy that my mom sent me a homemade batch last week.

October 14, 2010

diving into autumn

Fall is my second-to-last favorite season of the year.  Cute sweaters and autumn-palette clothing aside, I find the days getting shorter and chillier.  Gone are the breezy summer nights spent with friends on rooftops, lost are the extra hours in the day dedicated to laying out by the pool.  In the house, watermelons are slowly (but surely) replaced with figs, and succulent blueberries make way for bitter cranberries.

While I am a summer girl at heart, it reassures me to know that certain foods will sustain me and make it a tad easier for me to deal with the transition to winter.

Pumpkin pie, yes. Seasonally flavored Starbucks drinks, no.  Korean acorn jelly, as recently featured in the New York Times, a big fat YES.

This dish, made by awesome Korean moms everywhere, is one that I could eat every day and not get sick of (well, maybe after a week…).  How could anyone resist the refreshingly nutty taste of the acorn, subtly encapsulated in a simple, brown jelly dish?  I wonder if Danji would even consider my humble request for it to highlight the dish in its seasonal/autumn menu?  Perhaps the team could start thinking about it soon, now that the liquor license has officially been granted (great news for the lushes of NYC!) and construction is still underway.

Speaking of construction, here are a few more pictures depicting Danji’s transformation: