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November 24, 2010

happy (almost) thanksgiving!

Happy thanksgiving!  Team Danji has a lot to be grateful this Thanksgiving season — now that the opening date has been set, all other aspects of opening this restaurant are in motion.

As a diehard carnivore, I am very pleased to report that Danji’s meat will be of top quality and as natural as you can get ’em. Creekstone Farms will provide the beef — beef that is free of antibiotics, hormones, and artificial ingredients.  What makes me happy is that Creekstone Farms practices humane animal handling, which probably means that the cows are free to roam around as they please and are petted frequently with TLC.  The chicken will be sourced by Bell & Evans, another provider of all-natural, all-veggie fed chickens.  Pork, one of my favorites, will be from Natural Hampshire — its never, never program means that the meat is minimally processed, all natural, you get the point by now.  Sounds like a program for Peter Pan to me.

After the meaty entrees, Danji will be serving treats from Paris Baguette, a Korean bakery located in numerous cities around the world, who has agreed to make a few custom cakes for the restaurants.  My sweet tooth is pretty big, so this puts a big smile on my face.

If you’re not a carnivore or a dessert lover like I am, fret not because you will be very pleased with the drinks being served up at the bar (or so I hear).  Vincent Favella of The Counting Room, in Brooklyn, NY, will be creating the cocktail list and consulting the bar program.  I have not yet personally imbibed on drinks served up by Mr. Favella, but if the reviews are as good as they sound, you will most likely see a crowd surrounding the bar quite often.

Finally, the kitchen staff have all been hired.  Other hirings are in progress, such as the front of the house staff.  You can probably find that ad on Craigslist.

Once again, happy thanksgiving!  I’m certainly looking forward to spending this Thanksgiving at home in NY, with turkey and kimchi.

November 4, 2010

finally, a date

Dear Readers,

Sorry for the unexpected hiatus.  Midterms + lack of updates… you do the math.  However, I have a few exciting news items hot off the press for you, so get excited!

Danji is planning to host its grand opening on Wednesday, December 15.  It’s about damned time, right?  I started this blog thinking that the opening date would be in late August.  I was very, very wrong.  But not surprising in the restaurant world.

I took a sneak peek at the opening menu and it looks absolutely scrumptious!  The menu contains a balanced mix of traditional and modern dishes — food that I grew up eating, and food that I wished my mom made.  Personally, I’m most excited for the five house cocktails: sujungkwa (see a few entries below and you’ll know what I’m talking about), ginger, ginseng, Korean pear, and one that is infused with red wine.

Team Danji also bought most of the restaurant’s china and glassware (including Schott Zweissel wine glasses).  Photos of those potentially forthcoming…

Until then, here’s what the place looks like right now: